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Clean and Organize your Home Office

While working from a home office can be convenient and cost-effective, it can be prone to clutter – especially if you tend to do the majority of your work there.

By cleaning and organizing your home office, you’ll be able to quickly find what you need and be more productive than you would in a messy, chaotic room. Having a place for everything allows you to focus on the task at hand, thereby ensuring you get more work done.

With a few simple tips and a plan of action, a clean and organized home office can be a reality.

Plan your Day

If you commuted to work each day, your boss would expect you to show up at a certain hour and leave at an appointed time.

While working from home allows flexibility and convenience, you should make it a point to establish working hours, such as you would have if you worked away from home.

By planning your day and being consistent with your schedule, you can avoid outside clutter filtering into your home office from other rooms of the home. Additionally, you’ll be less likely to get distracted when friends and family are aware of your schedule.

Avoid Interruptions

If you have a lot of distractions throughout your day, it’s easy to let your home office become cluttered and disorganized.

Children may leave their games and toys lying around your office floor; dishes, soda cans and other trash might find their way onto your desk and never leave, and your garbage bin may be overflowing.

Discourage interruptions by encouraging respect of your working hours, and remain consistent.

Determine What you Need

While avoiding distractions and interruptions are all well and good, it’s important to take a look at the focal points of your home office.

What unnecessary clutter seems to be creating chaos on the room? Everything in your home office should have a place, and if it doesn’t belong, it shouldn’t be in there!
Consider what you use your home office for, and determine what items and equipment you truly need in order to successfully work.

The type of work you do from your home office will determine what you need, and how to go about organizing the space to suit your needs.

Obviously, you’ll need a desk and a computer chair. If your desk tends to gather a lot of clutter, remove everything, wipe it down, and then figure out whether you actually need every item.

Depending on how you use your home office, you may want to invest in extra seating, shelving units, and a filing cabinet or two. These are great storage options for important documents that you need to keep, but don’t want cluttering up your desk or other work areas.

A computer, printer and fax machine are also essentials to think about if you don’t already have them. Alternatively, if you have equipment that you never use, it may be time to get rid of it or give it away.

The less you have in your home office, the easier it will be to organize the space and be more productive.

Working from home can be very convenient, but if clutter tends to distract you from your obligations, it’s time to get organized!

Keep the above tips in mind, and you can enjoy an organized home office.