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Nautical Home Decor

If you enjoy the style of nautical home décor, there are a variety of ways to incorporate the theme in your home.

Whether you want to decorate one room in nautical accessories, or outfit your entire home with anchors, ships and seashells, there are a variety of nautical home furnishings and accessories to meet your needs. As a matter of fact, you can start decorating your home in true nautical-style by creating a few pieces yourself.

For example, pick up an inexpensive wicker basket and place sea shells and sand dollars in the basket for a quick and easy centerpiece or end table accessory. You could also decorate a picture frame by gluing a variety of smaller seashells around the rim, and placing a photograph of the beach or a tropical island inside the frame.

You could also take several different glass vases of varying sizes, fill them with sand and use them as nautical-themed candle holders. They’ll look absolutely gorgeous spaced around your home, and are super quick and easy to make.

If you want a truly unique piece, create a nautical-themed wreath from a variety of materials. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy; simply grab some seashells, driftwood, fake flowers, etc. to create a unique wreath to hang on a door or a bathroom wall.

Of course, there are times when creating your own nautical-inspired home décor just isn’t practical. Fortunately, you can pick up a variety of pieces for a reasonable price from a wide variety of sources.

Place this Wooden Ships Wheel Mirror in a hallway or bedroom to reflect light and make the space appear larger. For less than $50, it’s truly a bargain.

For an interesting conversation piece in a bedroom, bathroom or living area, a nautical shadowbox like this set of four will be the perfect accent piece on nearly any wall in your home. Hang them together to form a larger box, or space them out along a wall or entryway for a truly unique look.

This unique nautical-themed vase works well on an end table or as a centerpiece for a dining table filled with flowers. You could also use the vase as a visual art piece; it works well as a flower holder or on its own!

Welcome guests to your home right from the get-go with this lighthouse door mat. It’s functional, practical, and sets the mood for the rest of your home before visitors even enter the house!

Of course, when decorating your home in a nautical-inspired theme, it’s all about the small details. These cute, vintage-looking drawer pulls (available in ships wheels, anchors, seashells and sailboats) are the perfect accent to your dresser.

Spruce up a nightstand or end table with this stunning anchor lamp, and add a little light to the room to boot! It’s the perfect complement to any room.

Whether you decide to spruce up one room with nautical home décor or the entire house, there are a variety of inexpensive ways to do so. Create your own unique decorations or purchase ready-made nautical accessories to truly bring the seaside to you.