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Top 5 Most Important Packing Tips

#1.  Start collecting boxes as soon as possible after you find out you will be moving.  Look for sturdy boxes in “regular” sizes, such as those that hold copy paper, or liquor boxes, or boxes that once contained bottled water. 

Keep in mind that while larger boxes may hold more stuff, they will take up more room in vehicles that are being used in moving.  Also, there is a tendency to over pack a large box simply to keep from wasting the space.  Unfortunately, no matter how much stuff was put in the box, if it can’t be moved without the aid of a construction crane, it isn’t doing anybody much good.

#2.  Use bags for clothing, bedding, towels, soft toys, and other similar items.  Make sure, however, that the bags are clearly labeled, and the label is securely attached; otherwise, someone’s “Beanie Baby” collection may accidentally get mistaken for garbage.

#3.  Take advantage of all available space.  Pack large objects first, then fill the space around them with smaller objects.  Small fragile objects may actually be safer when tucked around a larger, more stationary object.  And, some things will be easier to pack than others.

#4.  Label EVERYTHING as carefully and correctly as possible.  If a moving container cannot be labeled well, one may wish to consider using an alternative container.  If bags are used, it may be a good idea to use one color bag for packing, and another color for garbage, trash, and rubbish.  This will help avoid confusion; however, labeling is still important.

#5.  Remember it will probably take longer to unpack than it did to pack.  Again, labeling boxes and containers carefully will ensure that ESSENTIAL items are made readily available, while others can wait until a more convenient time.