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How to Organize your Dining Room

While dining rooms are great gathering places for parties, holiday get-togethers and meals, a dining room that’s used on a daily basis can become cluttered rapidly. If the room isn’t used primarily for dining, but instead becomes overrun with bills, homework or other odds and ends, the mess can seem unmanageable.

Thankfully, an hour of your time can turn your dining room into a disaster-free zone with a little planning, organizing and sorting.


Before you can transform your dining room back to its original state, it’s important to understand what you have, and where it needs to go.

Remove everything from the room that isn’t used for dining. This includes decorative items, papers, bills, books and anything else that doesn’t belong in the dining room. As you’re doing this, place everything that belongs in a different room of the house into its appropriate spot. Carefully consider every item you’re removing; is it cluttering up your home? Do you really need it? If not, throw it away or give it to someone who might benefit.

If you decide to put anything back into the dining room once you’re done, set the items aside in a cardboard box and place it out of the way.


Dining Room TableOnce you’ve removed every item from the dining room, it’s time to give the room a thorough cleaning!

Wipe down the table, chairs, any shelves or cabinets you may have and vacuum or scrub the floor.

Blinds or curtains should be dusted and cleaned, as well as any decorative items you decide to put back. You can’t organize your dining room without starting off with a clean slate!


A casual dining room can get cluttered fairly quickly, especially if you and your family use the room for more than just dining!

In order to quickly and efficiently organize the space, focus on the largest area first – in this case, the dining room table.

Homework, books, newspapers, magazines and bills can all contribute to cluttering the dining room – so establish a few ground rules to maintain the organization of your home.

Ensure that all books and papers are returned to their appropriate spots after being used. If you use the dining room table to pay bills, purchase a bill holder or tray to hold your bills. You can slip the tray into a nearby drawer, thereby eliminating the clutter on your table.

You may also consider keeping a small wastebasket in an inconspicuous corner of the dining room to hold newspapers, magazines and other paper products.

Deposit them into the basket when you’re done with them, and recycle them when the basket gets full.

While it may be a daunting task to organize your dining room, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you imagine.

By systematically sorting through every item in the room, tossing what you don’t need, cleaning and organizing, you can have a clutter-free dining room you’ll actually be able to enjoy from this point on!