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Bathroom Organization - in One Hour!

It’s hard to relax in clutter and chaos. If your bathroom could use a little sprucing up, there are several simple things you can do to clean and organize. After you’re done, it will look like a brand new bathroom – and that’s something anyone can be proud of.

Scheduling and Planning

Before tackling the bathroom, it’s important to schedule an hour of your time to organize and clean. Don’t start cleaning anything or organizing before you have a plan of action in place.

Gather a few old rags, boxes and cleaning supplies before you begin so you are ready to work. Have everything in one place that’s convenient to get to – that way you won’t have to go searching for a rag or a cleaning product when you’re in the middle of organizing!

Plan to schedule at least an hour of your time where you won’t be distracted. Even if it takes less than an hour to organize your bathroom, it’s better to set aside too much time than not enough for the task at hand.

Boxing and Sorting

Once you’ve mapped out a schedule, bring two boxes into the bathroom for sorting. In one box, put everything you need. In the second box, put items that you don’t really need, but have tucked away somewhere.

The purpose of organizing everything into boxes is to eliminate excess clutter and force you to differentiate between your must-haves and your clutter.

As you take everything out of your medicine cabinet, cupboards and drawers clean every item that looks dirty or dusty and put them into their appropriate boxes.


Cleaning SuppliesOnce you’ve put every item into a box, it’s time to clean! Start with the cupboards and shelves first; any debris that trickles down onto the floor or counters can easily be cleaned up afterwards.

Wipe down the counters with a high quality cleaning product. Scrub the toilet and wipe down the shower/tub as well. Do not let any area pass by without a thorough cleaning.
Once that’s finished, wipe down the areas with a clean, dry towel.

Sweep the bathroom floor, starting at the outer corners and working inwards. Afterwards, you can mop the floor as well to really spruce up the room.

Organize Everything

Now that you’ve scrubbed the bathroom down, it’s time to go through the boxes and replace only the items you truly need or use on a frequent basis.

Put your toiletries, medicine and other bathroom necessities in your medicine cabinet or in drawers. If you organized everything successfully, these items will primarily be in your “Must Have” box.

Do not store anything on the counters! The less clutter you have taking over your counter space, the cleaner and more organized your bathroom will look. If you have a decorative bathroom items, these can be placed on the counter.

Items you use daily (makeup, hair supplies, razors, etc.) should be placed in drawers, divided by section. You can pick up inexpensive drawer dividers at a hardware store or retail outlet to make organizing frequently used items a breeze.

If you have a cupboard underneath the sink, place your cleaning supplies there. Extra items such as shampoo, conditioner, soaps and lotions can also go here.

As you place each item in the proper area, consider whether you truly need everything you’re putting away. Toss products that you’ll never use or have been sitting in your cupboards untouched for months. The less clutter you have, the better!

If there’s something you truly can’t part with, store it out of sight and out of the bathroom.

With just a few simple changes, you can turn your cluttered bathroom into an organized and efficient space. By sorting through items you don’t really need and freeing counter space for decorative items, you can sit back and enjoy your “brand new” bathroom!